BC's First Gypsy Cob & Gypsy cross show and Canada's first Drum horse show

About the Breed


Gypsy Cobs in Canada and north America

The gypsy horse breed is a fairly new breed to Canada and North america, most have been imported from the UK. They are growing in numbers and becoming quite popular.

Versatility and qualities

Gypsy's are known not only for their features but also for their kind and relaxed temperament. Their features are stunning, they are very well known for having a long maine, a tail that flows on the ground and feathering on the feet. Their temperament is like non other, they are willing and curious, easy to train, kind hearted and an all around versatile horse. They have power and strength and yet class, presence and style. They are known as a medium sized horse that can be ridden, driven and shown in any discipline. 


Gypsy cobs were originally bred and cared for by the Romani people of England and Ireland (people known as gypsies). Gypsy horses would pull a caravan and travel all over with the Romani people telling great stories of their horses along the way.  

Our goal for the show

Our goal with Double H gypsy cob, cross and drum show is to educate people about this amazing breed and to have the ability for breeders and gypsy horse owners to show the public the incredible talent of our horses. It is truly incredible to have the opportunity to watch the gypsy horses in action, with their incredible features and versatility in any discipline.